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At H Law Group, we understand that being charged with a crime is stressful and overwhelming, especially since you don’t know what consequences the criminal charges may have on your future. Your freedom is also on the line. Regardless of how minor or major the charges against you are, our criminal defense lawyers are here to help. They have the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the best results for you. They will represent you throughout the legal process.

Our attorneys are skilled in different areas of criminal law. We have a team of drunk driving lawyers who only handle DUI and DWI cases, so they have an immense amount of experience representing those charged with drunk driving. Also, H Law Group has some of the best attorneys handling other criminal matters, such as murder, assault, battery, kidnapping, theft, fraud, bribery, embezzlement, and other criminal matters.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you should hire an experienced criminal attorney. California has some harsh penalties for those who commit crimes, so you should hire the experienced criminal attorneys at H Law Group to represent you in court and assist you with the criminal charges that were filed against you.

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