Client Reviews

“Nima and his team really helped me get through this process quickly. Everyone was very professional and went through every detail with me. THANK YOU, GUYS.”

– Adrian F.  ★★★★★

“Don’t hesitate to give them a call! Nima and others were very understanding and willing to work with me. They took care of everything and I didn’t even have to show up to court. They took care of everything and was able to get my case dismissed.”

– Kyle T.  ★★★★★

“I spent all day looking for a DUI Lawyer in Los Angeles, and finally decided to give the H Law Group a call. I”m glad I did , they actually are (and I double checked it) the leading Los Angeles DUI Attorney around. They were able to answer some really tough questions I had regarding my daughters DUI. They were extremely informative in laying out all the options we had. Just helpful all around. So if you get a DUI in LA County, these are the lawyers you want on your side!”

– Geoff P.  ★★★★★

“Represented me in court, would highly recommend to anyone who is charged with a dui in the LA area.”

– Ronny S.  ★★★★★

“This firm helped defend me on a felony charge. I thought my life was going to be ruined but they defended me and helped preserve my life. I don’t think they there is a better criminal defense firm in all of California.”

– Michelle Y.  ★★★★★

“This firm literally saved my life. I got my first dui and hired them, but then got my 2nd a month later while driving on a suspended license. They handled everything for me, it wasn’t for them I’d for sure be in jail right now. This firm is composed of amazing criminal defense attorneys and paralegals.”

– Stephanie L.  ★★★★★

I used the services of this law firm Nima was amazing…They got all my charges dismissed I highly recommend this law firm.”

– Lili R.  ★★★★★

“This is the best criminal defense law firm in Los Angeles. They have gone above and beyond for me. I definitely recommend them!”

– Shay B.  ★★★★★

“Great lawyers, great price and even better results. I can not say enough good things about this law firm. I was visiting California on vacation and ended up picking up a DUI. Even though I was not in the state, H&M handled my whole case without me being there. Everything worked out perfectly and I would recommend them to any person that gets arrested for any crime.”

– Richard F.  ★★★★★

“Consulted them regarding my DUI and I was totally impressed with their vast knowledge about the different aspects of DUI as a whole. I later went into their office for a consultation, that led to me signing up. My case was dropped to a wet reckless. I am so happy that I used their services and made the decision to hire this law firm. Very good Dui Defense work.”

– Robert K.  ★★★★★

“I was charged with a DUI, and found this law firm on Yelp. I went in for a consultation and ended up signing up after a one hour meeting. My attorney always kept me informed as to everything that was happening with my case. My case ended up being reduced to a wet reckless and my driver’s license was not suspended. Everything worked out very well. I highly recommend this law firm to everyone.”

– Allan T.  ★★★★★

“I have refereed all my close friends and family to H&M and they all have been extremely happy not only with the results but with the high level of customer service and the overall experience with the firm.”

– Fatima H.  ★★★★★

“Nima Haddadi represented me in my DUI case. On my search for the greatest DUI attorney, I ended up interviewing three different attorneys. I ended up choosing Nima Haddadi because of his background and his confidence. I also really liked the fact that his firm offered payment plans because I clearly had not saved any money for a rainey day attorney savings pot. Everyone at the firm always got back to me and answered my questions and all of my concerns. I am truly grateful to have Nima as my lawyer and kudos to this law firm for having such amazing people on their team!”

– Andre W.  ★★★★★

“The H Law Group was so professional and helpful. I got a DUI in San Diego along with a speeding ticket because I was pulled over going 106 mph. Nima was able to get my fines reduces and drop the speeding charge which was going to require jail time. I never thought I would be in a situation like this and didn’t know where to even begin to start how to fix my mistake. I don’t live close to SD and they were able to take care of everything for me on my behalf. I honestly was so relieved and thankful to have chosen them to represent me. They update all court information quickly and respond back to any messages or concerns same day. I’m truly grateful and thankful for everyone that helped with my case. If you’re looking for someone to help you out with your situation I would definitely give them a chance, they won’t let you down.”

– Jacky C.  ★★★★★

The DUI i received put my life into a phase that I thought would never end. I was stressed out, not eating, I feared for my future. Once I hired this firm I felt finally a little bit of ease, their excellent reputation ensured my confidence in their ability. As time progressed, and they did what they do best, my stress vanished. These criminal defense attorneys know what they’re doing, they take care of their clients. My charges were reduced drastically and I feel as if I was overreacting the entire time. I don’t ever want to go through something like this, and I now understand the importance of hiring the right firm to defend you.

– Sarah S.  ★★★★★

“My DUI was the turning point of my life. I used to drink heavily every weekend but after I received it I knew it was time to change the way my life was moving. Thankfully I had hired the H Law Group to bail me out and help me get the second chance I needed. I had a felony case some how they were able to get it dropped all the way to a misdemeanor that I am going to get expunged at one point. The work they put into my case was fascinating and I’m so fortunate to have found them.

– Jamie B.  ★★★★★

“This criminal defense firm is phenomenal, i came in with my case on petty theft and they did a great job representing me. My attorney went to court for me 7 times until we were pleased with the results. The paralegals who you speak to are also very helpful and kind. They helped make a terrible situation some what bearable.

– Elizabeth K.  ★★★★★

“I just got out of court today and can vouch for the fact that this law firm IS THE SHIT. Nima got me out of one of the most convoluted situations. It started off all wrong, first I went with a public defender that was trying to get me to just take a conviction, so I hired a private attorney from Yelp that was horrible. I had H&M come into the case and Nima took over and worked his magic. I can not tell you how good this attorney is. Just call and ask for Nima, and you will see what I am talking about

– Haif A.  ★★★★★

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