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Can Domestic Violence be Mutual?

There is such a thing as “mutual domestic violence.” However, instances of mutual domestic violence can be hard to characterize. Even when domestic violence is mutual, there is still the question of whether or not it was self-defense. You do have a right to self-defense and that is when mutual domestic violence situation become difficult to characterize and later prosecute. ...

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When K-9 Units Cannot Detect Controlled Substances

The Fourth Amendment protects a person’s right to be free from all unreasonable searches and seizures. Suspicion of a traffic violation to pull you over in the first place. Then, in order to search the car, they need probable cause that you have committed some crime other than the traffic violation....

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What Do Police Look For with a Marijuana DUI?

It is against the law to drive while under the influence of marijuana. These are called marijuana DUIs. So how do police officers know that you're driving while intoxicated?  As marijuana becomes legal in more and more states, California included, there have been more instances of drivers being arrested for marijuana DUIs.  No Scientific Standard Yet The main problem arises where there is no scientific standard for establishing impairment based on the amount of THC in the body.  THC is  the main component of pot that gets users high. The drug is metabolized very quickly, but remains in the body for a long...

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How Do Marijuana DUIs Work?

DUIs based on alcohol impairment are widely known to be illegal. But what about driving under the influence of marijuana? Can you get a DUI for being under the influence for marijuana? What about if marijuana is legal in the state in which you are driving? How much marijuana is okay to drive on?  Additionally, how do police officers know that you are driving under the influence of marijuana; and how can prosecutors prosecute a marijuana DUI?   Can You Still be Convicted of a Marijuana DUI?   Yes, there is such a thing as a marijuana DUI, and you can still be convicted of...

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